123D Sculpt

123D Sculpt 1.0

Create amazing 3D objects


  • Extensive options
  • Easy to use
  • Import images


  • High learning curve
  • In-app purchases for more models


123D Sculpt is a great tool for knowledgeable 3D modelers. Like other art apps, 123D Sculpt is a focused modeling app that allows users to work with preset models to customize and create impressive 3D models.

The standard set of models includes general shapes, models (human head, human body, dinosaur, dog), and objects (shoe, car). There is a good variety to start with because each model has different attributes to work with.

There is a high learning curve with 123D Sculpt because it requires more than the basic idea of how sculpting works. Without the tactile feel of the object, it takes some time before users will become used to all the touch controls.

123D Sculpt is simple on the surface, but with practice there are very impressive things that can be done. The common commands like modeling, flattening, and distorting the models are present. There is also an image import option. 123D Sculpt has installed sets of textures: hair, faces, tattoos, and others. Pictures from the iPad can be imported to use as skins.

Adding color is also easy in 123D Sculpt and the brushes respond well to the geometry of the model. It is surprising how well 123D Sculpt can show its prowess with 3D modeling. 123D Sculpt also supports in-app purchases for more models to use.

123D Sculpt is a great mix of simple and advanced modeling. Once familiar with 123D Sculpt, users will be creating impressive 3D models.

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123D Sculpt


123D Sculpt 1.0

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